Setting up your studio is easy

StudioLAB has a seriously-simple setup. Start saving time: get paid fast and take control of attendance, enrollments, payments, timetables and charges. Only four easy steps stand between you and a fully systemised studio. A one, a two, a one, two, three, four...

1.Create your new studio account

Let our setup wizard take you through creating your new StudioLAB account, step by step.

Customise and set up your studio

2.Customise your studio specifics

Add locations, create your first season, include billing periods and bam – you’re halfway there.

Create your classes and packages

3.Create your classes and packages

Put in all classes and finalise your timetable to see your weekly schedule in all its streamlined glory.

Enjoy the ease of StudioLAB

4.Enjoy the StudioLAB life

Up and running with the best dance studio software; watch your online registrations roll in.

Let your clients DIY their online registration and enrollment

Imagine waking up to new enrollments without you lifting a finger. Make it your reality.